About us


Welcome to IIC DOO, a company founded on 1 February 2012 that specialises in the field of finance, accounting and human resources.
The IIC DOO team has worked together and functioned flawlessly for over 12 years.
IIC DOO professionally and successfully covers its services from the field of finance, accounting, tax consulting and human resources, bringing the legal regulations closer to our clients, foreign investors in the country.


IIC DOO is a respectable company founded with the objective to serve as many clients as possible, while, at the same time, keeping quality at the highest level. In addition to our company caring for the business of clients, caring for accounts and finance, IIC DOO works with its clients as an internal partner, stands out with its loyalty and discretion, aspiring to bring the client closer to itself and create a close relation like it works for itself.

The priority objective of IIC DOO is development and expansion of the business of the client since working with finance the right way is the main factor for the success of a business. Always aspiring to improve the quality of our services, expanding them while following the courses of the modern era.


Our vision is to raise the standards of work in the country, as well as to expand the services and personnel, with a possibility of offering them outside the country.

Pance Mishevski
Managing Partner, Financial Consultant, Tax Advisor, Authorize Accountant
Emilija Trajkovska
Partner, Tax Advisor, Head of Accounting
Kristina Bozhinovska
Senior Accountant, Expert on Withholding tax consultancy, Authorize Accountant
Sonja Chiplakoska
Administrator, Expert on Bank consultancy
Biljana Momirovska
Human Resource Advisor, Registration Agent
Anita Petrova
Authorized Accountant
Oliver Popovikj
Senior Accountant, Tax Advisor, Expert on material cost accounting